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April 25, 2016

A month late on announcing, but guess what?! Nemesis Media Inc. just opened it’s booking roster with Eyes on the Shore! Plan on seeing more of Eyes on the Shore in 2016 as the Nemesis Media team put the pedal to the metal and scour the earth for gigs and tours. As a group, "Eyes on the Shore is happy to be working with Nemesis for tour support and expanding our reach across the country!" If you love EOTS and Nemesis Media, and are as excited as we are to see more artists develop and grow with Nemesis then keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at
Eyes on the Shore recently announced their crowdfunding campaign to record and release their next EP... ON VINYL! Including their latest two singles “Washed Away” and “Starting Fires,” Eyes on the Shore will release a new song every month until August, at which point those songs will collectively become their 2016 EP “Maestranza” pressed to vinyl, and available online. NO CD’s!

February 3, 2016

Alternative rock four piece Citabria has just inked a management deal with Nemesis Media Inc. Their groovy rhythmic rock has been a hit at home in Northern California, as well as gaining popularity on the international market, including a performance in Açor Talentos, Portugal’s version of American Idol. Citabria recorded their most recent full length album Exit Reality at Jingletown Recording, famous for being owned by Green Day, which garnered some radio airplay and rave reviews. The band most recently played Santa Cruz Music Festival, supported legendary Campbell band Strata at prestigious concert venue The Ritz, and graced the stage at San Jose’s premiere Rockbar Theater.

With roots in San Jose and Austin, Nemesis Media has become known for producing high quality events and for their continued support of Balanced Breakfast, the music industry networking group. Nemesis Media recently signed a number of great regional acts from the San Francisco Bay Area after joining forces with fellow promoter and talent manager Barb Rocks.

Nemesis Media VP of Artists and Repertoire Barbara Wahli said of Citabria, "Having been a fan of Citabria's music for 7 years, I knew I wanted to work with this incredibly talented band for some time, especially when I heard their newest album "Exit Reality"! Nemesis Media is lucky to work with such a technically-savvy band that has a modern and mainstream edge, whose sound grabs a hold of the listener and doesn't let go. Each band member's integrity and love for what they are doing shines through their songs and live performances, which is refreshing in the music business."

Asked what their thoughts were, Citabria as a whole said "Citabria is stoked to be partnering with Barbara Wahli & Nemesis Media. We feel very positive and unified knowing that they will guide us on this path of progress. They are exceptionally knowledgeable and it gives us a sense of relief knowing they got our backs."

Both Citabria and Nemesis Media are excited for this union and what the future holds, confident that strategic business partnerships like this will lead to prosperous journeys ahead.

For all things Citabria and Nemesis, check out, or like the band on Facebook. Citabria is releasing a bunch of new songs and videos in 2016, as well as a monthly touring schedule, so stay tuned for details on their social media!

November 11, 2015

Nemesis Media Inc. announced the signing of San Francisco hard piano rock duo Sit Kitty Sit.  Without a string in sight, the band consists of Kat Downs on keys and pipes, while Mike Thompson sets the stage with his percussion.  Sit Kitty Sit possess a mind blowing sound that engulfs the audience with expert keystrokes and a powerful, driving drum beat, accomplishing more as two people than a full band on stage.  None of which is surprising considering the musical tutelage of both band members, whose backgrounds and experiences have lead to some admirable accomplishments.

Speaking of joining the Nemesis family, the duo Sit Kitty Sit said collectively, “Sit Kitty Sit is proud and excited to be joining Barbara Wahli & the awesome Nemesis Media team!  We are confident they can lead the way in expanding our growth and presence in the music industry and are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Nemesis Media’s own Vice President Barbara Wahli said of Sit Kitty Sit, “It's amazing to see what a duo on piano and drums can do to not only grab the audience's attention so fiercely, but keep them guessing as they switch from classical to metal influences in their music.  Sit Kitty Sit's stage presence is electrifying, engaging, and technically proficient, filled with raw emotion and beautifully written songs.  I'm looking forward to working with such a professional and fiery team that will continue to thrill audiences worldwide.”

Sit Kitty Sit are incredibly busy touring Europe right now and have many shows coming right around the corner! Keep an eye out for any and all news at their website, For more on Nemesis Media Inc., check out

October 27, 2015

Nemesis Media Inc. announced today the signing of The Go Ahead from San Francisco, CA. The Go Ahead feature a soulful and rhythmic sound, with the wonderfully melodic vocalist Kyna Wise providing a serene singing style. Alex Mamelok on bass and backup vocals, Josh Hertz on guitar and backup vocals, as well as Chris Kelly on drums, round out a dynamic four piece that reminds of what great music San Francisco has to offer.  The Go Ahead recently remastered their self-released "Cycles" EP and are about the release three music videos in the up-coming months.

The Go Ahead said of Nemesis Media, “Barbara has a true passion and love for finding great music. We are excited to be working with Barbara and the rest of the Nemesis team because we truly feel that they can push our music to new heights and help us share our music with a wider fan base. Managing multiple bands is more than a job for Barbara, she is a music lover and enthusiast at heart. We are honored to be added to the Nemesis roster and to have the opportunity to further build our relationship with Barbara.”

Nemesis Media’s own Barbara Wahli said, “The Go Ahead caught my attention instantly with their high energy sound, mixing a variety of genres together, with the added bonus of sultry and soulful female vocals. It's always a pleasure to work with a talented band that's not only proficient in their art, but also knows how to give that little bit extra to captivate the audience and leave them wanting more. Nemesis Media is excited about The Go Ahead's future as they continue to amaze audiences with their powerful hooks and formidable rock sound that's bound to get everyone dancing.”

Right around the corner on Nov. 2nd, The Go Ahead will be playing at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. For more news and info on The Go Ahead, check them out at, or their website For more related to Nemesis Media Inc. and other acts go to, or their website

August 21, 2015

More exciting news!

Nemesis Media Inc. is very pleased to announce the addition of Denton, TX originals I am Man, I am Monster to its roster. I am Man, I am Monster is a five piece act featuring melodic rhythms, complex and intense melodies, a mix of intense growls and screams from frontman Travis Barton, and beautiful singing and basswork from Megan Lackey.Reilly Hoff on lead guitar, Al Bagley on drums, and Rusty Jordan on rhythm guitar complete the ensemble, and together they have created a sound that is driving and revolutionizing today’s progressive metal subculture.

I am Man, I am Monster released their self titled EP in 2013, which is available through Spotify and iTunes. Of their music, I am Man, I am Monster says “we are all humans, but we all have a monster inside somewhere.” In the summer of 2015, the band played on The War ForDay Four Pt. 2 Tour and were well received in several cities outside of their home state. I am Man, I am Monster is currently practicing and preparing new material and hope to be back on the road very soon.

When asked about signing to Nemesis Media, I am Man, I am Monster said,“When we were approached by Nemesis Media, we saw a huge opportunity to further the band and our pursuit in the ever growing music scene. The people from Nemesis make us feel at home and we couldn’t be more excited to share their knowledge to push I am Man,I am Monster to further heights. We look forward to the future with Nemesis Media and all they can offer I am Man, I am Monster.”

The Nemesis Media team said of their growing roster that “I am Man, I am Monster represents a major step forward for our organization, and an incredible opportunity for all involved. Their sound and stage performance far outpaces the time they have been onstage, and they perform better than some veteran acts we've seen. Their active and vibrant personalities both on and off stage impressed us greatly and immediately put them on our radar. We are incredibly pleased and Nemesis Media looks forward to being part of their very bright future.”

For more information regarding I am Man, I am Monster visit them at

For more information on all things Nemesis Media, go to

August 14, 2015

Fantastic News!

Nemesis Media Inc. is very proud to announce the signing of PUSH — a San Francisco Bay Area rock group that features founding members Dan Ashley of ABC 7 News and Drummer Gregg Solomon. PUSH is known for producing a sound and stage performance that recalls some of the best rock groups of the seventies and eighties. While PUSH plays a few covers of well known classic rock hits, they are gaining much notoriety for their original pieces such as "Ya Know", "Feel the Heat", and "Sometimes I See."

When asked about working with Nemesis Media, PUSH frontman Dan Ashley said, “I am delighted to join forces with Nemesis Media on a lot of different levels. I think their enthusiasm and expertise in helping my band reach a wider audience is very exciting. Nemesis has a terrific team of people who clearly understand the current music scene and how to harness the power of social media, so I think it’s a great fit for PUSH.”

In addition to being front man for PUSH, Dan is a respected singer in other genres who has performed with Grammy Award winning artist Narada Michael Walden, shared the stage with Dionne Warwick, and is often asked to sing the National Anthem at professional sporting events and other occasions.

Nemesis Media co-founder and President Austin Breckenridge is eager to be working with PUSH. “Our team is incredibly excited about working with an act that is so well put together. We value their sound, integrity and devotion to their fanbase. Their stage performance is one that reminds us of the golden era of music, and feels like true homegrown Americana.”

PUSH is also well known for their philanthropic works, including working directly with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), an organization that specializes in advocating for neglected and abused children. PUSH is also involved with the Friends of Camp Concord, an organization that helps provide campership for underprivileged youth. PUSH has also worked with The AIDS Walk San Francisco, the American Cancer Society, and the Animal Rescue Foundation, plus many more.

PUSH most recently shared the stage with rock legend Eddie Money at Rock the CASA 2015, which included performances from guitar great Jorge Santana. PUSH still has a few big events before taking some time off to record, including a show Saturday, September 19th at the Coyote Valley Family Harvest Feast, and a performance at the Hannah Nicole winery on October 10th.

More information about PUSH and its members can be found at

August 12, 2015

Nemesis Media Inc. and Barb Rocks are very proud to announce Barbara “Barb Rocks” Wahli as Nemesis Media’s new Vice President of Artists and Repertoire. Wahli brings an experience base beyond reproach due to her many years of service in the South Bay music scene. She is recognized within the music community for her fun and ambitious demeanor, while maintaining a strong and diligent work ethic, to ensure artists produce the highest quality products for their fans. She brings her personal brand of energy and productivity to the Nemesis Media team. Both Wahli and Nemesis Media couldn’t be more thrilled! This is the largest independent merger in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene in the last ten years.

Wahli is very excited to join a team that she “knows from experience shares the same high standards as [her] in business and will deliver above and beyond expectations for our artist roster.” Wahli believes that “Nemesis has a proven track record” and both organizations have partnered on numerous projects throughout the years. The merger not only feels right, but will benefit both sides tremendously. “Together we are unstoppable!”

The Nemesis Media team is also very enthusiastic about Barbara stepping into her new position, collectively stating "After years of partnering on project after project, and building an incredible mutual respect for one another, Nemesis Media knows this move couldn't be better and nobody could fit like Barb does with our dynamic team."

Apart from working as Barb Rocks, Wahli is also known for her continuing contribution to the San Jose chapter of Balanced Breakfast — a weekly casual networking meetup of musicians, label owners, bookers, publicists, mixers, engineers and bloggers that aim to share knowledge and strengthen the music community.

With her leadership, Balanced Breakfast San Jose has become a breakout chapter and a model for others to achieve. Wahli has also played an important role in numerous South Bay music festivals, including Left Coast Live, Santa Cruz Music Festival, and West Valley College's West Fest, among several others. Her guiding hand has been responsible for organizing some of the best events the San Francisco Bay has seen this decade and will continue to do so under the Nemesis Media banner.

With decades of experience combined, Nemesis Media Inc. will be able to reach out to more audiences and continue to place the needs of its artists first. This is our number one priority. If you love working with Barb Rocks, and are excited for the wonderful opportunity this presents to the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, artists and musicians, then please feel free to check us out on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your favorite local hangout!

For more on Nemesis Media and Barb Rocks,,

In The News

August 27, 2015
By Keenan J. Fry

Nemesis Media announces merge with ‘Barb Rocks’

The Bay Area independent music scene has a new merge between a media company and a well-known San Jose music manager and local promoter. Nemesis Media has taken on Barbara “Barb Rocks” Wahli as Vice President of Artists and Repertoire. According to the official press release, “After years of partnering on project after project, and building an incredible mutual respect for one another, Nemesis Media knows this move couldn’t be better.” The company began as a record label founded in Austin, Texas and later opened an office in San Jose, California. The exact parameters of its work varies, but at the company’s core, Nemesis Media produces, promotes, manages and records underground artists. Nemesis has hosted shows in Bay Area venues such as the Santa Clara Avalon. It hosted the Bay Area Metal Festival there in 2010. “Both Wahli and Nemesis Media couldn’t be more thrilled! This is the largest independent merger in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene in the last ten years,” the press release stated. Barb is known as the founder of the San Jose chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a local social networking group for musicians of all genres. Balanced Breakfast was founded in San Francisco in 2013 and has other local chapters in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and soon Santa Cruz. There are also chapters in Austin, Nashville, and Boston and Toronto. Some events that “Barb Rock” has worked on and partnered with are Santa Cruz Music Festival, West Valley Music Festival and Left Coast Live. Wahli will still operate as “Barb Rocks” but under the Nemesis moniker. This year’s Santa Cruz Music Festival is Saturday, Oct. 12 and tickets are $30.


August 19, 2015
By Christopher Millard

Barb Rocks and Nemesis Media combine forces

News last week that made the South Bay music scene a bit bigger by making artist management a little smaller.

Barb Wahli, the owner and founder of South Bay music promotions company Barb Rocks, has joined forces with another presence in the Bay Area music promo world, Nemesis Media.

Wahli, who has promoted some of the South Bay’s most talented troupes (Fritz Montana, Pounders, Trash Pop Icons), will join Nemesis as the new Vice President of Artists and Repertoire. Wahli has also been the driving force behind a number of festivals in the bay (West Fest, Santa Cruz Music Festival, Left Coast Live), and her accolades don’t stop there. Barb Rocks has been among the most important promoter/managers in the whole of the Bay Area over the last decade.

If you’ve seen music in the South Bay, Wahli has most likely had a part in it. Her range goes beyond the bay, reaching to festivals like SXSW, while area media has proclaimed her the “South Bay Scene Queen.”

Wahli joins an already established Nemesis Media crew, that has been responsible for acts like Casket of Cassandra. In a statement released via their website, Nemesis relayed their excitement about the merger, stating, “[Wahli] brings her personal brand of energy and productivity to the Nemesis Media team. Both Wahli and Nemesis Media couldn’t be more thrilled! This is the largest independent merger in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene in the last ten years.”

Barb Rocks has also expressed excitement over the merger: “Joining Nemesis Media gives me the opportunity to better serve my management roster by providing them more team members with different strengths and value-adds. This leads to a more dynamic effort to support the bands needs, strive for bigger achievements, and hopefully attain goals faster.”

May 7, 2015
By Melissa McKenzie

Rock Lotto Show This Saturday at X-Bar in Cupertino

Last month, when Nemesis Media and Barb Rocks put together a bill of eight extremely diverse bands for a showcase of musical acts who participate in the pair’s networking event, Balanced Breakfast, on Saturday mornings, it could have been a disaster. Rarely do favorable results come from mixing metal with opera, but it worked better than anyone could have predicted.

So, taking a page from the Balanced Breakfast group in San Francisco, the San Jose crew decided to do something else that was a little crazy: putting together Rock Lotto.

The idea was simple. Musicians who wanted to participate in the show threw their names into a hat. Once stirred, four names were drawn at random and those four became a band. There was no rhyme or reason to the choices, as lead singers and drummers were all in the same pot. What’s interesting is how the bands came together. Since everyone was in one basket, it was quite possible that one band would consist of two vocalists and two guitarists, while another would have two trombonists and two bassists, but no singer. Everything about Rock Lotto came down to the luck of the draw.

Back on April 10, in the middle of the Balanced Breakfast showcase at the RockBar Theater, names were drawn, and seven new bands were formed. Each band was tasked with deciding on a name, creating a Facebook page and putting together 10 minutes of original music that would be performed at a show on Saturday, May 9.

After less than a month of practice, the time has come. This Saturday is the much anticipated Rock Lotto show at the Homestead Bowl & The X-Bar in Cupertino where Slurring The Rhythms, B.C./A.C., Starting From Zero, Karaoke Knight, Anal5, The Asura and an unnamed group will have the opportunity to show their collaborative efforts while “competing for your love and all the rock glory.”

“My band has three songs that are all unique directions,” said Robert Austin of Nemesis Media and the Rock Lotto band, B.C./A.C. “I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say, there’s going to be a little something for everyone.”

In addition to the seven new bands, Vista Point will perform cover tunes, take song requests and allow all Rock Lotto bands to take part in their performance.

Rock Lotto begins at 8 p.m. at 20990 Homestead Road, Cupertino, Admission to the all-ages show is $5.

The Santa Clara Weekly
April 23, 2015
By Melissa McKenzie

Nemesis Media and Barb Rocks Put on Free Friday Show in San Jose

In an stroke of genius, Nemesis Media, Inc. and Barb Rocks combined their booking powers to bring eight bands to the RockBar Theater – located just outside of Santa Clara, off Saratoga Avenue and Stevens Creek Boulevard – for a showcase of musical talent last Friday night.

The April 10 show, which featured bands that participate in Balanced Breakfast – a networking group for musicians, writers, promoters and artistic types on Saturday mornings – brought together an eclectic mix of music consisting of everything from beautiful operatic arias to mosh pit–fueled Viking metal, and that was just the start of what would become an epic six–hour, free event.

Opening with First Street Opera, who started the show with a rendition of “O Mio Babbino Caro” (“Oh My Beloved Father”), best known from the opera “Gianni Schicchi,” and – for the non–opera–loving generation – the video game Grand Theft Auto 3. Although the stunning arias were short–lived (a 30–minute set), the crazy kids at Nemesis and Barb Rocks backed it up with Viking metal from Valensorow. Yes, Viking metal. The thrashing and crashing had long–haired metalheads whipping their locks forward and backward while a mosh pit broke out in the middle of the dance floor – a far cry from the subdued, calming effect of First Street Opera’s performance.

Next up were a pair of rock groups, toning back down the chaos, but still keeping the energy elevated. Newly formed trio Black Cat Path, rocked it out with their alternative original tunes in a style similar to Audioslave – only louder and more bluesy. Female–fronted duo, Bad with People followed, reminding the audience that women might just do it a little better than men when it comes to being a rocker extraordinaire.

Amping up the sex appeal was Dr. Taco, whose dirty nurses (ala Bink 182’s pornstar cover of Enema of the State) gave the audience “shots” – literal syringes filled with liquor – during the performance while playing fake guitars and prancing around in sky–high heels. While the girls are a gimmick, they’re not needed, as Dr. Taco frontman Dan Schwaiger and crew brought the house down with a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name,” making them a tough act to follow.

After Dr. Taco performed, names were drawn for the absolute insanity that is rock lotto. Musicians – any musicians, not just the ones performing – placed their name into a hat and names were drawn, four at a time. According to Nemesis Media’s Robert Austin, Rock Lotto is just another way to keep bands networking. Any name drawn – it could be four lead singers or two drummers and two guitarists – becomes a band for a one–night only show that will be held Saturday, May 9 at The X Bar in Cupertino, resulting in either incredible musical feats or complete failures, but as Austin says, it’s about the creativity that flows between different groups and getting those groups to talk to each other with the intent of possibly combining bands in future collaborations.

With a bizarre mix of Halloween props clearly playing into the band’s vibe, Black Mast had the difficult task of setting up the final performances and riling up the crowd after the Rock Lotto break. Glowing–eyed crow and robot aside (although the props were programmed to move with the music), Black Mast’s metal set did the job, pumping up the crowd, during the waning moments of Friday night.

As Friday turned into Saturday, The Driftwood Sinn performed. Self–described as “heavy melodic riff–rock,” (a description that works, as The Driftwood Sinn straddles the line between hard rock and metalcore), lead singer Patrick Hopkins played to the crowd and infused a youthful energy that was surely needed as the night ticked into the wee hours of the morning.

Closing the show was another hard rock band, Maxx12. The duo of “Rooster Mongoose” and “The Samurai” (yes, seriously) used the show for some serious promotion, with a table where CDs were handed out to anyone liking what they heard and wanting to learn more – a smart move to help garner a wider fan base among the eclectic group of fans in attendance.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Austin. “We have some amazing things in store in the future, including more shows, more networking and some special surprises that I’m dying to disclose. I want to encourage all bands, performers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, artists and anyone looking to network to check out the Saturday morning Balanced Breakfast events. Everyone is welcome.”

Balanced Breakfast is held every Saturday morning at 10 a.m., usually at the Rockbar Theater. Admission is free, although coffee and food is available for purchase. Check out the Balanced Breakfast Facebook page for more information.

January 21, 2015
By Brandon Roos

Balanced Breakfast Aims To Boost Local Scene

Two South Bay music promoters invite local music industry professionals to weekly morning focus group.

It’s 10am on a Saturday morning inside the recently opened RockBar Theater. While the mood is light, it’s clear that this crowd is not composed of morning people. As Barbara Wahli, better known as promoter and manager Barb Rocks, admits at the start of the meeting, she’s running on only five hours of sleep after a long night in San Francisco. However, she assures her attendees that the coffee is on its way. This is the second meeting for the brand-new San Jose chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a group that looks to connect and empower music industry professionals to create a more vibrant music scene.

Wahli, who’s been involved in promo and band management for eight years  co-hosts the meeting every Saturday with Robert Austin of Nemesis Media. The second meeting has attracted roughly 30 attendees—same as the first—and the room is full.

San Francisco blogger Stefan Aronsen and engineer Andy Freeman founded Balanced Breakfast with the aim of “boosting the Bay Area music industry … one breakfast at a time.” The concept has proven highly successful, with chapters sprouting in Oakland, Portland and Boston.

Roughly three years ago, she created a monthly music industry networking event with the Pounders, who she manages. After a successful first meeting, they folded after four months. More recently, she attended meetings for Make a Scene San Jose, a venture helmed by promoter Eric Fanali to activate the local all-ages scene. Those efforts stalled as well.

“It just didn't really connect the right way with people,” Wahli says of both ventures. She was drawn to the the structure of Balanced Breakfast, which she feels is more organized than those previous endeavors.

Wahli is encouraged with the start thus far, adding that the feedback she’s received has been “overwhelmingly positive.” At this meeting, the group discussed topics for future meetings, which included social media, graphics and front-of-house sound.

Asked about her hopes for the group, Wahli mentions building a touring network with other Balanced Breakfast chapters. With added venue support locally, she believes these efforts can work to build a community spirit that will breed a better live music culture along the lines of a Seattle, Austin or Chicago.

“Why can’t it happen here?” she asks. “I think if we all work together to build that, in a few years it’ll happen. But it takes effort, so a group like this is a catalyst to make that happen.”

Balanced Breakfast is held every Saturday from 10am-noon at RockBar Theater.