Mission Statement

To create a professional, artist friendly environment in which both the artist and the label take active roles in the development of the artist’s career. To uphold the core company values of honesty, integrity, respect and to provide the highest level of service and commitment while maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients. To provide the knowledge and tools necessary to empower the independent music community to self sustain in an ever changing and competitive music market

Artistic Vision

Our artistic vision is to create a worldwide market for the music we release and support. We strive to create a network of musicians, promoters, and venues that will work together to better the music community in their respective markets and provide artists with an outlet in which to perform and release their music without the restrictions of the traditional music industry standards.


We provide our artists with a one stop shop for their business and recording needs. At Nemesis our artists have access to:

Recording Facilities
Distribution Services
Merchandise Manufacturing
Artist Management
Tour Booking
Tour Management
Photography Services
Accounting Services
Videography Services
Dedicated Marketing Team
Business Management                                      

We provide all of these services to our artists at a fraction of the cost of traditional labels. Nemesis is not a DIY label, but we do believe that the artist should be involved in every aspect of their career from both a recording and business standpoint. If you are ready to take the next step in your professional music career, contact the Nemesis team by filling out our contact form and let’s get the ball rolling.


Our management includes all of the same services as our label services aside from funding assistance. Our management program is designed to help established, as well as up and coming artists further their careers through strong, well planned and executed market plans, and strong financial planning in order to stay on top of the rising costs of pursuing a professional music career.

Our artist managers work around the clock with our artists to ensure that every aspect of their business affairs are in order, and that artists are receiving as much relevant media exposure as possible. As your management, it is our job to handle the business, so that you can focus on the writing and performing aspects of your career. 

If you are looking for professional representation, contact the Nemesis team by filling out our contact form and we can discuss what options would work best for you.


Nemesis started a booking roster in 2016 with bands and artists we believe in, that we feel can benefit from our booking services, and best represents our core values.

Nemesis also hosts several events every year. These events range from smaller, local events, to large scale, national festivals. If you are interested in performing at a Nemesis show, contact our team by filling out our contact form.

Due to the large amount of applications we receive each week, please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Management Team

Austin Breckenridge, President and CEO

Born and raised in the south San Francisco Bay Area, Austin Breckenridge co-founded a business that would eventually become Nemesis Media Inc. in 2006. Founding Nemesis Media aside, Austin was also responsible for leading the team that produced the Bay Area Metal Fest, has managed multiple tours across the United States, and spearheaded an expansion to Austin, TX. Austin has worked toward his vision of rebuilding the local live music scene, valuing any artist willing to work hard to produce a quality product for their fans. In fact, Austin will tell you fans are the entire reason we are here, and get to be paid to have the best careers in the world, is because of the fans. Austin has been pivotal to the success of many local musicians, and has always placed the needs of his artists above and beyond those of himself, as he says “I will make it when my artists make it.” This constant devotion to improving an artist’s business is a core tenet of Nemesis Media Inc. and is espoused daily by Austin Breckenridge.


Barbara Wahli, Vice President of Artists & Repertoire

Barbara Wahli, known by her moniker Barb Rocks, is recognized for managing some of San Jose's most successful independent rock bands, as well as for putting on highly-organized and well-attended shows at reputable venues in the San Jose Bay Area for over 10 years.  Under Barbara's management, her bands have reached some huge goals and local successes, including radio airplay (Live 105107.7 The Bone), music festival placements (BottleRock NapaSan Francisco PrideSubZERO FestivalSoFA Street Fair), licensing/publishing deals, and strategic show bookings with well-known touring acts.  She's also organized and been a core team member for two local music festivals, Left Coast Live and West Valley College's West Fest, and is involved in various capacities in the Santa Cruz Music Festival.  Currently Barbara leads the South Bay chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a group of music industry professionals that meet regularly for breakfast and talk about actions they can employ that will help grow the arts community.  With her band management roster expanding, Barbara was on a mission to find a like-minded company to help support the growing needs of her artists, so it seemed only natural for her join the Nemesis Media team in 2015, a move that benefits both sides tremendously, becoming an unstoppable force together.


Robert Austin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Since founding and providing lead vocals for the progressive metal act ‘¿Anonymity?’ in 2006, San Jose native Robert S. Austin has become a leader in the South Bay music community. Robert likes to go by "Rob" and he is recognized for his altruistic style of leadership and for representing his fellow artists with integrity.  He possesses an affable charisma that transfers seamlessly from the stage to behind the scenes.  From building festival stages and laying miles of cable by hand as a roadie, to booking, promoting, stage managing, and/or performing at numerous events throughout the years -- WVC’s West Fest, Bay Area Metal Fest, SubZERO FestivalBottleRock Napa, SoFA Street FairSanta Cruz Music Festival are some of these events, to name a few -- Rob has played an integral role in fostering the current South Bay music community.  Rob is also co-chair of the San Jose chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a weekly meetup where musicians, label owners, bookers, publicists, mixers, engineers and bloggers share knowledge, experiences and network to strengthen the local music industry.


Shane Myers, Vice President of Future Business Development

Shane Myers was also born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and became friends with Austin Breckenridge at a young age. At around 17 years old he co-founded the project that would eventually become Nemesis Media Inc. While active as an owner of Nemesis Media, Shane was also enlisted in the California National Guard, and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Despite his commitments to his country, he remained a critical player in developing business strategies and performing day to day functions at Nemesis Media events. Shane both named and co-founded the Bay Area Metal Fest, which has produced two of the largest metal showcases the Bay Area has seen in recent memory. As of 2014, Shane began to fulfill the role best suited to his talents in developing new business strategies and concepts to further Nemesis Media’s reach and capacity to provide for its clientele.